November 17, 2008


Posted in Journal tagged at 9:42 pm by Jenn

This is supposed to be my one post a day for a month, month, but today I just can’t seem to find the words.  This is how I feel



  1. pollypissypants said,

    I am sorry – I hope tomorrow is a much brighter day.

  2. hope tomorrow is a much brighter day! if it helps, picture posts count!

  3. Carol Czina said,

    Hey, Jenn, I hear ya! I just wanted to let you know though that your blog is part of my humorous (humerus) bone recovery program. lol. Seriously you have some wickedly funny stuff on here. The bruise was good and I loved the stinky T-shirt one. YOur pain is my gain? Or whatever. I am having a bit of trouble typing to you at the moment because my cat just decided to sit on my chest as I try to write. Another therapeutic method: cat therapy. Not any more uncomfortable than what they put me through at the PT office today. Grumpy therapist zapped me with electrodes, lazer light and made me cold. ANd left me alone with no magazine. And when I tried to grab the Obama People issue, another therapist took it away from me! Hey! So i had to settle for looking at endless pictures of Anjolena Jolie and Jennifer Anniston…..

  4. Mom said,

    I am a day late-I am sorry that you had a black hole day. What a nice surprise to see a message from Carol!!

  5. sjsmart said,

    One man’s trash is another’s treasure! That therapy sounds barbaric by the way.

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