June 27, 2008

Making The Most Of It

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It is expensive living in Baku.  The prices are unbelievable.  So I’ve decided that I’m going to make the most of it and cook with the inexpensive vegetables that are plentiful.  With a little help from Allrecipes.com I’ve discovered some wonderful new recipes. 

Last night we had Chicken Dilly Sandwiches and tonight we are having Mediterranean Chicken with Eggplant.  Some of the ingredients that are plentiful right now include:








I just did a simple search for “Dill and Chicken” and another for “Eggplant” and came up with some wonderful ideas.

A few tips about using the website:

1.  Always read the comments.  People make the recipes, modify them slightly and then comment.  Some people are just ridiculous with their rating for example the recipe calls for chicken, pasta and tomato….the person decides to use beef, rice and tomato instead, then rates it one star….UMMM, maybe try it with the suggested ingredients and then make MAJOR modifications next time.

An example of how to use the comments.  Tonights dinner calls for eggplant.  In the recipe it says to soak the eggplant in a salt water bath.  I read the comments and several people suggested putting the eggplant in a collander, sprinkling with salt and letting stand for 20 minutes.  I chose to use this method instead of what the recipe called for.

2.  Recipes that have 4-5 stars and lots of comments are usually winners.  I had Thanksgiving dinner last year with a majority of the recipes from Allrecipes and it was a huge success.

So that’s it.  I’m not getting paid by Allrecipes, though if they have an opening I’d gladly take it (I have this yarn habit I need to support).

Speaking yarn next in my que the Baby Surprise Jacket.  I hope to be able to begin that as soon I finish the Hoodie Baby Blanket that I’m making for Kriszti.  Also in line are the Clapotis (I know, I hate the name too, but it’s really beautiful), and after visiting my friend Christine’s blog today and ogling over her Nutkins I’ve decided that I MUST make them afterall!  I have the perfect yarn. 

Oh, and I got my partner for the Summer Yarn Swap….shhh, it’s a secret!  Did I mention lately that I love swaps?  I mailed my package for the HSKS5 this week!  I hope it arrives much faster than the last….stay tuned.




  1. i love allrecipes and i’m also a big fan of recipezaar.com both are great. and it’s nice to be able to do an ingredient search with the things that are easy to come by here.

  2. Ruth said,

    Making the most if it, indeed! I’m impressed.

  3. Jen H said,

    Wow, that chicken and eggplant dish sounds really good! I think I may have to try that out here when I see eggplant at the farmers market…whenever that may be.

  4. Heather said,

    OOH – what yarn are you using for the Baby Surprise Jacket? That’s a fun knit.


  5. Jen D said,

    I’m always up for recipe sites and ideas!

  6. Mom said,

    We had our first yellow squash from the garden tonight-it was wonderful. Now the summer begins. Beans next week.

  7. sjsmart said,

    I like recipezaar too! I tend to go for all recipes first, because it’s easier to spell! LOL

    The eggplant dish could easily be vegetarian, just leave out the chicken. It was really good. Next time I make it I’ll cut back on the olives…yes, there really were too many olives! The recipe didn’t call for them,but I added them….can’t have mediterranean without olives right? Right! You just don’t need 24!

    For the BSJ I ordered Knit Picks Essential.

    Yellow squash GOOD! YUM. I had an orange today. My first orange in about 6 months. It was wonderful. I have nectarines for tomorrow to go with my shredded wheat! I can’t wait for breakfast!

  8. Mom said,

    Just thought about that great potato and tomato salad that we learned to make from Jo. Do you remember that? You do need onions and some sort of herb-basil or oregano and good olive oil.

  9. sjsmart said,

    I do remember this salad and have all the ingredients to make it! I’ll be making it this week in fact! Good thinking.

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